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Stampede #5: Notes from the President


The Stampede #1: Notes from the President.


Recently I have discovered there are two types of people living in greater Hobart – those who have been to a Chargers game night this year and those that haven’t.  In this rant from the President I want to send a message to both tribes. 

If you are one of the thousands of Tasmanians who have come out to support the Telstra Hobart Chargers at our new home, the Derwent Entertainment Centre, this year – thankyou.  You know what a great family night of entertainment, fun and extraordinary athletes it is.  I ask you in this – the business end of the season – you get back to a game and lend your support to our incredible turnaround story this year.

If you are one of those Tasmanians who haven’t made it to the Derwent Entertainment Centre this year to see these great two Tasmanian teams – now vying for finals places – then you are fast running out of time.  And my message to you is this:  Get Thee To the Basketball!  This Week! 

This week (Friday 21st July 6pm at the DEC) may be the last time you will get to see our women’s team on their home court.  (Having said that – the team’s week by week improvement will surely see them playing finals basketball.)  You will kick yourself if you miss out on seeing two of the best American born players currently playing in AustralianKathleen Scheer is surely at unbackable odds to win the League MVP in a couple of weeks time – last week reported as “flirting” with a quadruple double on the floor -  and Mikaela Ruef has credentials stacked as high the hoop. 

But it’s not just the imports who you have to see before it is too late.  Local 16-year-old school student Sharna Thompson gets better every game.  We can’t wait to see the ball in Sharna’s hands because more than likely the next place it will be is through the net, nothing but.

So get there Friday and get there early to see this women’s team finish their home games season and start their run to finals.

Speaking of finals – and let’s not get ahead of ourselves – but it is likely that both our teams will finish in the top four, giving them a shot the post-season run and potentially a home grand final.  I started a conversation the other day with a mate that posed the question?  When was the last time we saw a Hobart based, home grown team play in a national grand final in professional sport in Hobart? 

I think it must be the Dan Marsh led Sheffield Shield (or whatever it is call this year) final in 2011?  Is that right?  I am happy for readers to comment below.  And there was another Shield final held at Bellerive in the last decade too?  And before that?  Let me know…

So – and again let’s not get ahead of ourselves – the next few home games for our teams are vital.  Hobart, we want to see a Hobart based team play a home grand final on our home court.  It would be a historic moment in an extraordinary turnaround year for this club and for professional sport in Tasmania.  Time to get to the DEC and help us make that happen!

No doubt you have seen the efforts of our fantastic volunteer army – who this year have not only moved game night to our new home but have also delivered a new look, new energy and new attitude for the club.  We have big plans for the future but we need to the support of the Hobart and whole of southern Tasmania to achieve that. 

Go Chargers!

David Bartlett