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Stampede #5: Notes from the President

It’s the moments that matter…

Well, this is it folks… the moments that matter.  

Coach Anthony Stewart came to visit me in September 2016 to ask me if I would come on board with the Chargers.  The day after a great mate of mine suggested I should employ a student video maker to document the story of the moments that make up the journey ahead. 

I laughed and mocked him.  How ridiculous.  But, looking back on on those eleven intervening months to now - I wish I had listened to him.  Because those eleven months have been made up of magic moments - that while they will live with me for years to come - I wish I could share them with everyone.

That moment when Kathleen flew into town - our first arrival - and then Rob and Chris and Alex.  Great young people to get to know over the season and people who this community will never forget.  

That moment we first switched on the lights for the season launch breakfast and welcomed our sponsors out onto the floor at the newly minted home stadium and I wondered to myself: if you build it, will they come?

That moment when, on opening night my 13 year old son turned to me in the box and gave me a massive smile and hug as if to say: thanks for building this for me Dad.  As if all the work was for him!  Those moments when I realised hundreds of kids had that same smile on their face, that joy and inspiration, under the lights, as Sharna hit another three pointer or Bj brought the energy off the bench, as only he can on some nights.  

One night after the first four home games at a Board meeting, when all of the incredible team I work with were exhausted and wondering if the big bet we had taken to secure the future of the club would work there was a moment.  We looked around the table at each other - it was one of those moments - that a bunch of until recently strangers, bound by a common goal silently decide whatever the outcome, we gave it our best.  That moment when a few meetings and thousands of hours of collective work later,  it dawned on us we had done just that. 

That moment when our game night director Kim Upton stood up at the Seconds Counts Gala Ball and thanked the Hobart Chargers for the small contribution we had made.  Seconds Count.  Moments matter.  That was a moment when we got to share in the joy of giving something, small as it was, back to community, back to the people who support us.  

That moment, when heartbreakingly close the women lost to an impossible basket with 1.5 seconds on the clock.  (And at that moment I remembered why we decided to ditch the ‘Lady Chargers’ name - because this womens team is the Chargers, as much Chargers as the mens team, equal to the mens team and have given us as much Chargers joy as as the mens team; they are simply: Chargers.)

That moment that Josie and Andree Greenwood held up the trophy that carries their name on the first home game night. 

Say no more. Momentous.

There are so many moments that make up a season of basketball.  So many joyous, fun filled, rewarding moments.  Some cruel and painful moments.  Many stressful moments. But every single one of them a small contribution to our journey, a small reward for the efforts of many. We are so thrilled that thousands more Tasmanians decided to share those moments with us during 2017.

But… I have this sense, the best moments are ahead of us.  Both our teams are hitting their best.  Over the next 24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days I can absolutely guarantee one thing: there will be moments.  Moments we, as Chargers fans, as Tasmanians, we will remember forever.  

Moments we remember, moments we dine out on, moments we cry and laugh about. Join us for many, many moments that matter.






Da Prez.