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SEABL Round #3 - Chargers Vs Bendigo & Sandringham


Hobart 88 - - - 92 Bendigo

The first quarter of Round 3 saw the boys trailing by 7 points, before an awesome catchup leading to a 16 point lead at half time. The stampede continued to the end of the third quarter with a 10 point lead, before a tough final quarter with outstanding play from the opposing team, leading to their four point victory.

The game was always set to be a tough one, with a lot of strong players on the opposing side, including Jeremy Kendle, the top average scorer in the league. Kendle has held the spot since Round 1. Of note, Tre Nichols has moved from fifth average points in Round 1 to second at the end of Round 3.

Hobart 102 - - - 97 Sandringham

Just like the game against Bendigo, the boys managed to hold the lead at half time. The opposition again was extremely tough, but not quite enough to stop the stampede. At the end of the game, the Chargers were ahead five points, with impressive scores of 40 points from Tre Nichols, 23 points from Mathiang Muo and 15 from Craig Moller.


Hobart 70 - - - 73 Bendigo

It was set to be a tough game from the start, with Bendigo players on top of the leaderboards for average points and assists. The girls kept the game close, trailing by just 4 points at half time. The Braves managed to double their lead by the end of the third quarter, but a valiant effort by the Chargers brought them to a loss by just three points at the final buzzer.

Hobart 68 - - - 100 Sandringham

The girls had another tough match on paper against Brittany Smart's former team. The Hobart side was down by 12 points at half time, leaving them with an uphill battle - difficult but not impossible. Unfortunately the opponents played a very strong second half and left the Chargers in the dust. While the team suffered a loss, Brittany Smart played an impressive first game for the season, with 18 points, 5 rebounds and 3 steals.