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SEABL Round #4 - Chargers Vs Sandringham

Mens Game

Chargers 104 - - - 80 Sandringham

After playing a tough game against the Sabres just last week, the Telstra Hobart Chargers faced them again - this time on home turf.

"The league's certainly taken a notch up from where it's been the past few years"
- Anthony Stewart, Men's Coach

The boys charged out to an early lead, 15 points ahead of Sandringham at half time. Unlike last week's game however, the Telstra Hobart Chargers held the lead and ended the game 24 points ahead of the Sabres.

After this awesome game, Tre Nichols tops the league for Total Match Points, and Craig Moller tops the charts for both Total and Average Rebounds.

Womens Game

Chargers 90 - - - 97 Sandringham

The girls were all too familiar with their opponents this week, having suffered a substantial loss to the Sabres in their last game. Unfortunately, half time saw the team down with 39 points to Sandringham's 48. The team gave a very strong performance in the second half, leading to the loss by just seven points.

"It's not skill things we're being beaten on, it's effort...more mental toughness"
- Kylie McCauley, Women's Team Player

Despite the loss, the girls put up a much tougher fight against the Sabres this round. Kathleen Scheer posted 25 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals and two blocks, Brittany Smart added 25 points for the match, and Sharna Thompson added another 20 points to the team's score.