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SEABL Round #5 - Chargers Vs Supercats

Mens Game

Chargers 92 - - - 86 Supercats

It was a tough start for the Telstra Hobart Chargers on Sunday. The boys put up a fight however, and trailed the Supercats by just one point at quarter time. Geelong managed to play a mighty second quarter, leading to a ten point lead at half time.

"We've got a lot of great local talent that's taking that step up now"
- Anthony Stewart, Men's Coach

A strong offensive push in the third quarter reduced the Supercats' lead to just seven points at the end of the third quarter. The boys then put on a stellar showing of offence and defence in the last quarter, scoring 28 points while allowing the Supercats just 15.

The cohesion of the team is really showing at this point in the league. There's strong individual performances accompanying the high level of teamwork on display. The season stats show Hobart players all over the leaderboards for average points, total points, average rebounds and more. The Chargers are on a stampede, and with another home game next week, it will be tough to stop them!

Womens Game

Chargers 63 - - - 57 Supercats

The girls played against a very evenly-matched team this week. The Chargers and the Supercats both sat on thirteen points after the first quarter, and neither team managed to break away from the other by more than five points for most of the game.

"It's not skill things we're being beaten on, it's effort...more mental toughness"
- Kylie McCauley, Women's Team Player

The Chargers led the Supercats by just one point at the end of the third quarter, but they managed to push forward to victory by six points at the end of the game. While the teams were extremely evenly-matched, the Chargers landed free throws with far more consistency than the Supercats.

If the girls maintain the strong defence that provided them many opportunities in this game, they are in good stead to prevail over the Frankston Blues in their next home game.