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SEABL Round #8 - Chargers Vs Ballarat Miners & Ballarat Rush

Mens Game

Chargers 95 - - - 86 Miners

The strong positive results from the end of the game do not accurately depict the tough first half the boys played this round. While Craig Moller sat on an impressive 22 points at half time, the team was trailing the Miners by 6.

"The team just keeps getting better and better"
- David Bartlett, Club President

A tough third quarter saw the Chargers fight tooth and nail to drag the Miners' lead down to just 4 points. The stampede then built to full force in the last quarter with the boys outscoring the opposition by 13 points for the quarter, leading them to victory.

Craig Moller played a game for the ages this round with 43 points, 15 rebounds and 13/14 free throws, and he now sits on top of the leaderboards for Average Rebounds, Total Rebounds, Defensive Rebounds and Total Free Throws Made.

Womens Game

Chargers 82 - - - 87 Rush

Despite the loss this round, the team put up a strong fight and even held the lead at the end of the first quarter, and increased the lead to 9 points by half time.

"We're finally starting to get some continuity and momentum in what we're doing"
- Dwain Davie, Women's Coach

The Rush weren't happy with the situation and came back with aggressive offence in the second half, outscoring the Chargers just enough to take them to their 5-point victory.