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SEABL Round #11 - Chargers Vs BACoE & Canberra

Mens Game Vs BACoE

Chargers 85 - - - 92 BACoE

The BACoE team had a lot to prove this game, having recently dropped from sitting in the Top 8 on the ladder down to 9th place. The first half saw massive offensive from the Chargers, with the Hobart side leading by 10 points going into the second half.

"Sticking with the one strategy while the opponent changes tactics won't end well"
- Ronnel Riggs, Chargers TV Reporter

Here the opposition managed to stifle the Chargers' offence with a change of strategy, while maintaining a strong offensive presence. At the final buzzer, BACoE's changing strategies and consistent offence had brought them ahead by 7 points.

Womens Game Vs BACoE

Chargers 67 - - - 72 BACoE

The girls were lined up to play the lowest ranked team in the league, but as their Coach Dwain Davie said "It's a serious challenge every week in this league". And a tough game it was on the home court of BACoE.

"BACoE have been struggling recently, but they're definitely a team to be reckoned with"
- Dwain Davie, Women's Coach

The Chargers managed to end the first half with a 1 point lead, despite being down in the first quarter. Unfortunately, the girls were outmatched in the second half, with BACoE landing the three pointers and free throws they needed to take them over the line.

Mens Game Vs Canberra

Chargers 85 - - - 92 Gunners

Coming from their loss against BACoE, the boys were eager to see this game end in victory. They charged out of the gates with a massive 34 point first quarter, leading by ten points when it came to half time, just like the last game.

"If they execute on defence and everyone becomes accountable, nothing can stop them"
- Justin Bryan, Chargers TV Reporter

Unlike the last game however, the boys brought a huge offence to the second half, scoring 24 and 35 points for the third and last quarters respectively.

The win here has allowed the Chargers men's team to retain the number 4 position on the ladder going into their home game against Dandenong.

Womens Game Vs Canberra

Chargers 66 - - - 65 Capitals

The final result hints at just how close this game was. Neither side fell behind more than just a few points at any time during the game. Hobart was down 1 point at half time, and were still 1 point down at the end of the third quarter.

"Canberra are around the same spot as us on the ladder, they'll take work to beat"
- Dwain Davie, Women's Coach

A final push in the final quarter, with the team shooting 4/7 three pointers allowed the girls to just edge past the Capitals by 1 point when the final buzzer rang. The Chargers now sit above the Capitals on the ladder.