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SEABL Round #13 - Chargers On The Road

Mens Game Vs Diamond Valley

Chargers 91 - - - 78 Eagles

It was a big first half for the Chargers lads, with their huge offensive push landing them a 17 point lead at the half-time buzzer. 

"We're much higher on the ladder, so theoretically we should come away with the win"
- Brent Costelloe, Chargers TV Guest Reporter

Brent's prediction was not wrong for this game. While the Eagles changed their tactics and outscored the Chargers in the last two quarters, their margins of success were only a fraction of those recorded by the Hobart side.

Womens Game Vs Diamond Valley

Chargers 68 - - - 76 Eagles

There's always a sense of trepidation going into a match against a Top 8 team when you sit on the lower half of the ladder. Unfortunately the girls were unable to bring back a victory from this game.

"This is going to be a tough game on the road"
- Justin Bryan, Chargers TV Presenter

The Chargers simply couldn't find the momentum they needed to outscore the Eagles in this match. Despite a monstrous 33 point game from Brittany Smart, the Diamond Valley team had the offensive and defensive edge over Hobart for the majority of the game.

Mens Game Vs Albury Wodonga

Chargers 84 - - - 65 Bandits

There was a bit of back and forth in the first half of the game, with Hobart leading scoring in the first quarter and the Bandits scoring 24 to Hobart's 18 in the second quarter.

"We're going to push the Top 2, we won't settle for the 4"
- Tre Nichols, Men's Player

While the second half of the game was not the most explosive offence we've seen from the Chargers, their defensive ability shone through here. Suppressing the scoring ability of the opposition locked down the win for the Chargers this game.

After this impressive performance on the road, the Chargers men's team are now number 2 on the ladder, trailing only Kilsyth.

Womens Game Vs Albury Wodonga

Chargers 79 - - - 58 Bandits

The Chargers girls - unhappy with their loss last game - came out all guns blazing for this match. With a massive 55 point first half, the Chargers seemed unstoppable after the first half of the game.

"Canberra are around the same spot as us on the ladder, they'll take work to beat"
- Dwain Davie, Women's Coach

The offensive blitz continued with 25 points in the third quarter. Things took a turn in the last quarter, with the Bandits scoring 20 to the Chargers 9 points, but it was simply not enough to catch up on the enormous point deficit from the rest of the game.

The Chargers women's team are currently number 11 on the ladder, but with strong performance in the last few games of the season, they could potentially make their way into the Top 8 for a shot at the finals.